10:52 PM

YesBoji - Up Close

Amateur single camera hardcore vid. Inconsistent lighting but good enough to see what’s going on. I’d give it an average rating.Yet another mask. Now you may have noticed a LOT of Korean porn videos have people in masks. The deal is that rumor has it that it is illegal for a Korean citizen to make a porn video even outside of Korea. So they try to hide behind a mask. Supposedly Almond Tease (http://www.almondtease.com/) was arrested when she went back to Korea even though the porn on her site was filmed in Canada.

Don’t request Almond Tease’s video. Just subscribe to her site if you want them although I suggest the short membership - download and unsubscribe as there are not many updates. I’m trying to post stuff you can’t just go get. She tries to pretend she is about 10 years younger than she is and she tries to act cute. That is a big no-no in my book because it comes across as so fake.



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